js.component for OEMs


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js.component is a 4D component comprising 40+ classes with 450+ functions that:

  • Brings several of the most popular and powerful JavaScript packages to 4D
    • A timezone-aware, localizable DateTime class
    • i18n support
    • Unit testing
    • Modern error handling
    • Logging
    • And much more!
  • Fills many holes in the 4D language
  • Dramatically improves the developer experience
  • Reduces method count, lines of code, and coding time
  • Provides multiple new ways to debug your code
  • Implements key object-oriented techniques that are not widely known in the 4D world

js.component is 100% pure 4D code, 100% preemptive-safe, and 100% guaranteed to make you a more effective, more productive and more happy programmer!


js.component for OEMs is licensed per OEM product in “no-hassle” form. This license provides:

  • Unlimited developers use of the component and its source code on the developers’ machines
  • 1 year of access to video training
  • 1 year of forum-based support
  • 1 year of bug fixes and minor upgrades
  • Deployment of a single OEM product to unlimited clients for 1 year

Additional OEM products require additional licenses.

js.component has no serial number, key file or timeout; licensing is on the honor system. If you choose not to renew the license after the first year, you and your clients may continue to use it in perpetuity, but you will lose access to the support forum and to updates.


Upon purchasing an OEM license, you will receive an email with an invite to the support forum. You can find a link to download the latest version in the Announcements section.